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Great Conversations

A really great podcast that offers the perspective of what it’s really like to police officer but also acknowledges the need for improvement and change. Keep up the great work Sgt Tom.

Thoughtful and courageous conversations that make you think

Tom and his guests do an outstanding job breaking down tough and courageous conversations. They really got me thinking and reflecting on the real issues that impact all of us.

Tough subject

This podcast has been great to listen too. Finally get to talk with both or all parties about sides both of a tough subject. Tom has done an awesome job to bridge the divide and open up the conversation on all sides. Love to hear more!!! Continue the good work.

Fair and smart

Sgt Tom does a great job. If you support law enforcement, but also believe the profession can improve - this is the podcast for you. Sgt Tom is very articulate, bright, and navigates the complex issues of law enforcement with data and empathy.

Can’t stop listening

Sgt Tom Datro does a great job looking at a variety of issues facing police in America. He is well versed in police training, philosophy, tactics, and policy. He brings all that to the table as he talks through issues police face today. He is very adept at formulating questions that hit at the heart of the issue...both for the community and for the police officer.

Thank You - Great Podcast and Great Experience

Tom, thank you for having me on your show to discuss policing and how we move forward to protect communities, support the thousands of dedicated police officers in the U.S., and address the systemic and structural issues that we are facing. As I mentioned, we are at a crossroads and as a society we have to take a path That will meaningful address the concerns that police professionals, communities, and those who are most impacted have been seeking for much too long. Thank you for producing a thoughtful podcast that is not afraid to talk about the important and sensitive issues that are often ignored.

Great Conversations

I love it! Important information and ideas presented in a way that is thought provoking and educational. A great example of how to have the difficult conversations that are necessary to bring people together!


I love the nuance and different perspectives that this podcast brings. The fact that the information presented about law enforcement in this podcast is backed by data and is not manipulated by media is so refreshing.