Feb. 8, 2021

Policing in America Trailer

Policing in America Trailer

Uncomfortable Conversations About Race and Policing

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In the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic violent protests against police brutality & racial inequality broke out across the United States in May of 2020.  Police Departments have been called out for “bias, racism and unnecessary use of deadly force.”  The spark that ignited this fire, the death of 46-year-old George Floyd: a black man, who died after a white police officer in Minneapolis. 

The rage toward officers is palpable. Police morale is at an all time low. And, many in the community, specifically Black, indigenous and People of Color, don’t trust or feel safe with police. That’s not okay. Something is broken. 

This podcast was started by Police Sergeant Tom Datro in an effort to hopefully find answers. In each episode, he has open, honest and at times uncomfortable conversations. To hopefully lead to better Policing in America